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We provide our agents with the tools, resources and support they need to make real estate simple for their customers. If you are a new agent looking for a broker or an existing agent looking for a change, read on to see why we’re the best independent broker in North Central Florida.

The bosshardt advantage

We give great agents the best tools and the best support so they can create great experiences.

At Bosshardt, our mission is to be a real estate company that provides exceptional experiences that result in a stronger community with lasting relationships. We provide our agents with the tools, resources and support they need to make real estate simple for the customers, providing them with an experience they will want to repeat again and again.

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If you’re just licensed as an agent or you’ve been working a year or less, Bosshardt is the perfect place to create the foundation for a great career. We give you personal training, coaching, and support that you won’t get from any local broker or a national chain.

Great training

We have a customized training program available based on decades of experience, and personal help is just a phone call away. 

In-house support

We have a graphic designer and technical help available on our staff to help you save time and creqate the best marketing mix possible.

Are you feeling stifled in your growth as an agent? Working with Bosshardt would be a powerful change both personally and financially. The commissions earned by our agents consistently out-perform local and national averages, but the real reason experienced agents say they like Bosshardt is the comprehensive support they receive.

Technology innovation

 We’ve been at the forefront of real estate technology for more than thirty years, and we’re still innovating today with advanced marketing and technology for real estate sales and customer relationships.

Time-saving resources

For new agents and established agents alike, we provide resources you won’t find at other brokerages. We have a full support staff that has your back, helping you focus on your customers.

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Innovating for 30 years

Leadership in our business and in our community.

With more than thirty years of growth and experience in our market, Bosshardt Realty is now the largest independently-owned brokerage in North Central Florida. Bosshardt has expanded into 5 offices with more than 100 agents closing over 300M in sales volume, while still maintaining a local feel. 

Our commitment to our agents and our community is a foundation of our business and it starts at the top. We believe that excellence, generosity and balance are foundational to selling, to work and to life.

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